Daddy, I Want to Know God

“Daddy, I Want to Know God (Families Growing in Faith) by Vanessa Fortenberry is an excellent book that works as a good tool when it comes to teaching children about God. The story shows different children from various parts of the world asking their parents about God and their replies. Each child had a different question to ask and, on reading this book, children will understand that God knew them before they were born and he knew everything about them. Children learn that God’s love is everlasting. They also learn that God will never leave them and they can feel his touch. Children are also told how Jesus sacrificed his life for them in order to save them. The conversational approach to the subject makes it easy for children to connect with the author’s words and realize how they all fit into God’s plan.

Daddy, I Want to Know God by Vanessa Fortenberry is uplifting and is a good way to help children understand the power and presence of God in their lives. The illustrations are as delightful as the words and they add color and life to the book, making it appealing to young readers. Tutors and parents can use the book for storytelling and read-aloud sessions in classrooms and homes to explain to children about God and his love for them. It is a good book to use in Bible classes too, as it is informative and interactive. The gentleness and divinity in expression about God are heartwarming and will leave a lasting impression in the minds of readers.” —Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite

“Once you read this book, it will blow you away . . . What have we here? A creation that’s amazingly beautiful. This is only one way to describe this gorgeous children’s storybook. Although I’m sure there are other wonderful adjectives, I’ll leave other readers to come up with more. Surely, it won’t take much thinking once those pages are flipped.

When I turned the pages, it took my breath away . . . reading the words and seeing the character images in their interactions. The words, the colors, and the images (I must say) I found them all “totally breathtaking.”This author has done an exceptional job in presenting her series. I thought the first series “Mama I Want To See God,” was a work of art. With this one though, it speaks for itself! Masterpiece, Masterpiece . . . and that it is!”
~Nina Norstrom

“A delightful and informative piece of writing to teach young children about God and his love for them. It is such a unique and tender book with vivid illustrations that are so relatable and will inspire young readers to want to learn more about God and how they fit into His divine plan. I love the way the story presents the spiritual leadership of the fathers as they teach the children about God’s love. I promise you will love this book. It will make your heart happy!”
~Janet Sheperd

Mama, I Want to See God

“I think that this is an excellent book for parents and their children. It provides answers to some of the many questions that children may have about God and religion.”
~Shannon Hearne for NetGalley

“The overall theme and message of this book is beautiful. I love the premise. With simplicity of words and colorful illustrations to support her message, Fortenberry communicates a story of purity.”
~Kim Teamer for NetGalley

“Children can ask questions that put us on the spot without even trying. The most difficult to answer are those about believing in a God one can not see or touch. They believe in the tooth fairy and Santa Claus without proof, but ask such penetrating questions when it comes to God. Vanessa offers answers children of all ages can understand, told in verse form that appeals to them. The verse along with the beautiful illustrations will have your young reader asking to read ‘Mama, Want To See God’ again and again.”
~DelAnne Frazee for NetGalley

5 stars. “Ever buy something because you thought it would be nice to have, just to find out nice is incorrect and great is a lot better? That’s my experience with this book. From its’ laminated cover, to it’s roll-off-the-tongue poetry, to it’s totally inclusive art work, I am pleased! From the way the author answers the child’s questions to the way the artist depicts the characters, children (young and old) will find themselves reflected throughout the pages of this book. Share it, and be pleased!”
~Dorothy for

“I would definitely recommend this book. It reminds us, even adults, that we can see God in everything…from the birds that sing, to our own image in the mirror.

My 4 year old loved pointing out the page numbers and loved the pictures. The main concept she seemed to take away from the story, was that God lives in our hearts and loves us so very much. I think that the ryhming flow of the story helps captivate her attention as she listens to the words.

My 6 year old (who I call my spiritual child) really loved the story. He said that he liked reading about God’s love with me, because we both love God and he likes to talk to me about it.

My 7 year old wasn’t as big of a fan of the book. He couldn’t explain why, but maybe the story is geared a little more towards preschool and early school age children?? He did like how it talked about how God created EVERYTHING.

The artwork in the book is beautiful. The style is almost drawn in color blocks which gives the drawings depth and a feeling of viewing a painting instead of just drawings. The story features several different Mamas who are each diverse and unique just like God created us all to be unique. I am fearfully and wonderfully made ~ Psalm 139:14”
~Amazon Customer

“Wow! What a beautiful shining story and such an easy read. I was highly impressed with this author’s presentation. Being an author and reaching out to our YA audience, it’s not an easy task. Surely, it took a lot of concentrated energy to speak a message of this magnitude. And the author has mastered that skill. The cover alone illuminates that there’s an exciting story, behind its pages. It is so true that the purity of children and its spirituality is radiated through this touching story. Not only are our children precious they are very curious. And that they are. Yet, this story is not just limited to the youth its words will spark an interest to our adults alike.
It would not be a surprise if this storybook was embraced on the shelves of our public school system. Certainly, it is well-written and creatively presented. Looking for that great gift? What a great gift for your next baby shower or just any occasional gift-giving event. This author has done a remarkable job. Kudos! I’m very interested in reading more from her. Overall, it’s a great story line, with great pictures, and great job – Vanessa Fortenberry and your Illustrator Leah Jennings.”
~Nina Norstrom, author of ‘Not a Blueprint: It’s the Shoe Prints that Matter’

5 stars. “The children’s book Mama, I Want To See God is an excellent start to getting young children on the path to understanding who God is, what God is and how God relates to our personal everyday lives. The book not only creates a bond with the child as the parent or adult reads to the child, but it also can serve as the child’s first experience in understanding that not everything we experience in life is in a natural/physical sense that can be touched, seen, or heard in the manner in which we most often experience. The book can serve to broaden a child’s perspective outside that of the physical realm and become a stepping stone for developing the child’s sense of spirituality. This is an excellent literary work.”
~Grady Carthon for

5 stars. “My grandson is only two but this is exactly how I want him to see God, through the eyes of love! Mama, I Want to See God is beautifully written and illustrated. A book children of all ages are sure to enjoy!”
~Gloria Harper for