Connecting Readers and Writers to the Word: National Library Week

“There’s More to the Story”
Celebrating National Library Week
April 23-29, 2023

Why celebrate libraries? Not because I retired as a teacher-librarian at the end of last school year. Not because I love libraries. But maybe loving libraries is a great reason to celebrate. Overall, we can observe and recognize our libraries because they hold many stories of all kinds of genres and formats. But, adding to the story, libraries offer so many more services and programs to the community. Go to public library’s website in your county, and browse, and click on the events page to see all of the different programming taking place from entertainment, to education, to technology access to literacy skills, to research resources, and much more; all to serve individuals and the community.

And while we’re at it, let’s celebrate our school libraries, as well. You knew it was coming. As a school librarian, I organized lots of programs similar to that of public libraries, just on a smaller scale. Of course, my favorite events included plans that promoted reading and literacy skills. I also collaborated with the children’s librarian at the community public library. A win, win for everyone. And the kids enjoyed them all.

Readers and Writers: How will you celebrate this year?

Readers: Go to the library and read a book about libraries or any other subject that interest you.

Writers: Write a blog, essay, article, or book about libraries.

Overall, how can we, with intent, promote National Library Week this year?  You could take a few minutes to share your story about your favorite library on social media. To get details about sharing, additional ideas, celebration days, and tools, please check out the ALA website on the link below.

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Happy National Library Week!