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Since the 2014 publication of my book, Mama, I Want to See God, several people have purchased it for their unborn children or for their infants. In addition to these adult readers supporting me, their major purpose for purchasing my book was two-fold. First, they desired for their unborn children and/or infants to experience a connection with God early in their young lives. Secondly, they understood the importance of presenting literacy to their children sooner rather than later. We all know, it is never too early to introduce young children to books and reading.Nina and Caiden_Blog

As discussed by Dr. Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen the unborn child filters voices by way of tissues, bones, and fluid. Nearing 24 weeks, the fetus can recognize their mothers’ voice and experience a sense of calmness. They cannot discern one word from another, but the fetus detects the cadence and melody of voices they hear, which provides a foundation for their language.

The sounds and rhythms of speech continue to develop language for babies and toddlers. In addition, the bonding a child receives when snuggling close to mom or dad is matchless to watching television or playing with toys.

Texts for babies and toddlers should include little or no text with high contrast pictures. A repetitive storyline or predictable text makes for a fun, engaging, and enjoyable book for this age group, as well. Repetitive words also help to grow a baby’s vocabulary. Research indicates that we can prepare children for reading and that they will ultimately begin to read on their own when exposed to more words as a baby. In addition to regular print books, board books are great, in that babies excel in the art of grabbing hold, chewing, and tearing, paper. Cloth or plastic books will also hold up to a baby’s use.

No matter the type book you choose to read to your infant, make it a part of your daily routine. This habit will teach him or her that reading is fun and enjoyable. As a result, you assist your child in establishing a lifelong love of reading.

Book Recommendations with Repetitive Texts:

  • Busy Penguins by John Schindel
  • Pig Takes a Bath by Michael Dahl

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Vanessa Fortenberry,
Retired Teacher-Librarian
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