Connecting Readers and Writers to the Word: Every Day Is Thanksgiving

In the month of November and throughout the year, my church choir sometimes sing the song, “Every Day is a Day of Thanksgiving.” The lyrics go on to say:

            “God’s been so good to me,

            Every day He’s a blessing,

            Every day is a day of Thanksgiving,

            Take the time to glorify the Lord, today.”

Therefore, today, I am no less thankful than I was on yesterday, the National Holiday of Thanksgiving.

As a Reader and a Writer, I am most thankful for God’s Word, which gives me life, inspiration, faith, love, and hope for the future. This weekend and the weeks to come read a story that lifts your soul and gives you the motivators listed above. Better yet, write, continue, or complete your own work in progress that will also provide life’s stimuluses to others.

Thanks for stopping by and I invite you to join me again as I continue to explore literacy topics for readers and writers. Please share my blog with others and feel free to subscribe to this publication, so that you don’t miss an issue. 

Vanessa Fortenberry,

Vanessa Fortenberry, Teacher-Librarian M.Ed., Media Ed.S., Media Reading Endorsement