Connecting Readers and Writers to the Word: National Family Literacy Month

This month, let’s snuggle with the entire family and open a good book. Studies reflect that reading aloud with parents, grandparents, etc., is the most significant pastime when preparing children to read independently. Reading contributes in the increase of comprehension, vocabulary, writing skills, attention span, and retention.

Serenity reading Grandma, Granddad
We Want to Praise God

In addition, consider reading to your baby and even your unborn child. It is never too early to introduce young children to books and reading. Parents who do, understood the importance of presenting literacy to their children sooner rather than later. (

As a Reader: Read different genres to grow a well-rounded student reader. Read about Native Americans in that we celebrate Native American Heritage Month in November, as well.  

As a Writer: Read the genre that most represent your projects in progress. If you write fiction, read nonfiction to explore informative writing and if you write nonfiction, read fiction and publish the next best seller!

Okay, we are a week into November, but it’s not too late to observe National Family Literacy Day. Use the hashtag: #FamilyLiteracyMonth when posting on social media.

Get set, get to reading, and post!

Vanessa Fortenberry,

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