Connecting Readers and Writers to the Word: Celebrate!

It’s mid-November and not in the least too late to celebrate. What are we celebrating? I’m glad you asked. Take your pick or celebrate them all!

  • Picture Book Month: An international literacy initiative that celebrates the print picture book founded by author and storyteller, Dianne de Las Casas. Simply stated on the Picture Book Month website, “In this digital age where people are predicting the coming death of print books, picture books (the print kind) need love. And, the world needs picture books. There’s nothing like the physical page turn of a beautifully crafted picture book.”
  • National Family Literacy Month: Family literacy depicts parents and their children learning together. It emphasizes the significance of adult literacy by encouraging parents to focus on their own education so they can be more involved in their children’s learning and literacy development. The National Center for Families Learning organized National Family Literacy Month.
  • Thanksgiving: A National Holiday celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November in the United States of America. Traditionally, this holiday celebrated the giving of thanks for the autumn harvest. Today, Thanksgiving Day is a time to gather with loved ones, give thanks for many blessings, and to eat an array of delicious foods. In Canada, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday in October.

As a family, read picture books about Thanksgiving, families, and even turkeys. And, did you know that a sweet potato is different from a yam? Locate a book or an online article about it and then find a great sweet potato casserole dish or pie recipe. Get started, read and bake, two of my favorite past times.

A Note to Writers of all ages: Do the research and write about one of these celebratory subjects for your blog or newsletter. This may also give children ideas for a school report. Maybe, you’ll start writing a book. Put your own unique spin on it. I look forward to reading your future writing projects.

Here you have it: Celebrating Picture Book Month, National Family Literacy Month, and Thanksgiving for the price of one! And, don’t forget, Mama, I Want to See God and Daddy, I Want to Know God written by yours truly.

I extend my gratitude to each of you and I invite you to join me again as I continue to explore literacy topics.



Vanessa Fortenberry,

Teacher-Librarian, M.Ed., Media, Ed.S., Media, & Reading Endorsement