Children’s Bookroom: International Literacy Month

September is National Literacy Month and Saturday, Sept. 8 marked the 52nd annual International Literacy Day. In an effort to raise awareness for literacy and its significance as a foundation for lifelong learning, this annual event brings together communities, organizations, students, and educators. Although September 8th was this past weekend, you still have the rest of this month to celebrate literacy.

In 1966, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) established International Literacy Day. The goal was to promote illiteracy, as well as to bring about an awareness and find solutions for this issue.

So, how will you celebrate National Literacy Month?



NOTE: I dropped the ball with my blog when I became ill in August of last year. Then the launch of my newest book came out in October and I was busy, busy, busy marketing. My reading fans and I celebrated until I developed a bad case of laryngitis toward the end of November. From November until August of this year, I experienced additional issues with my health.

But, I am a witness that God is good. He is indeed a healer!

During the months while recuperating, I have brainstormed ways that I can serve, not only children with literacy issues; but also adult readers and writers. With that said, please look forward to a variety of blog posts that would be of interest to readers and writers (children and adults).

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