Connecting Readers and Writers to the Word: Online Events

I’d like to share a few events that may be of interest to adult readers and writers. Time is of essence in that one “Hello Literacy” event (The Invisible Boy) will be held this Thursday, May 21. While this event was shared with me by a fellow colleague, I not only saw this event through the eyes of a librarian during story time. I also saw it as an opportunity to gain additional insight in the writing process of a children’s book author. As writers, I believe we are always continuing to improve upon our craft.

Book: The Invisible Boy 

The purpose of this PD is to unpack all the possible teaching points contained within one title. This book was chosen because it’s loaded with ELA skills from the reading, writing, language, phonics, phonemic awareness and fluency standards AND selecting an ideal mentor sentence from the text for a grammar & conventions study.

In the two hours, we will walk through the book, page by page, discussing literacy elements, conventions used by the author and illustrator, vocabulary words & phrases, sentence structure, figurative language, plot, punctuation and more. We will identify the spots in the book that would be ideal stopping spots to demonstrate reading strategies that readers do.

The other event taking place next Tuesday, May 26, will have me in my seat (digitally, of course) as a reader. I have always been a fan of author, Terry McMillan. And, who knows, I might write my own novel (faith based) similar to Terry’s one day! In addition, there are other featured writer events you might find of interest, as early as this Friday, May 22.

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Thanks for stopping by and I invite you to join me again as I continue to explore literacy topics for readers and writers. Please share my blog with others and feel free to subscribe to this publication, so that you don’t miss an issue. 

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