Children’s Bookroom: Readers Theater

Do you have students or children who need a boost of confidence in reading? Readers Theater is a great idea to accomplish this task. I have never observed a child who did not enjoy participating in a Readers Theater performance. 

Readers Theater is a presentation in which children perform by reading speaking parts of literature adapted from picture books, short stories, and even nonfiction. No need for memorization, students simply read their scripts without props or costumes. Readers Theater presents a wonderful opportunity for beginning, reluctant, and struggling readers. No matter a child’s reading ability, most children love to perform on “stage.” However, it makes no difference if the stage is in the classroom, the story time area of the library, the gym, or on the real stage located in the cafeteria or auditorium. The most reluctant reader will want a part in a Readers Theater script.

Choose Readers Theater scripts that are fun and entertaining, and based on the reading level of your students or children. In that, Readers Theater is not a staged play; children must rely on voice intonation, facial expressions, and gestures. These strategies will emphasize the characters played and will help to make the story come to life.

Students receive extra reading practice as they rehearse their lines several times. Practicing repeatedly will also help students to understand the text they are reading. Soon after and with additional adult guidance, it is time to take the show on the road. Give students several opportunities to perform. Readers Theater will help to enhance student confidence, fluency, and their motivation to read.

To learn more detailed information about Readers Theater visit Scholastic:

Readers Theater Recommendations: Dr. Chase Young (teacher) provides a host of free scripts.



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