Connecting Readers and Writers to the Word: National Poetry Month

Spring and the month of April remains to be one of my favorite seasons. During this season, the weather turns warmer, grass and trees turn to green, flowers bloom, and birds sing. But, I also celebrate because it’s Poetry Month!

As a young child, I loved writing poems. My teacher exposed me to all genres of poetry. Poetry articulates feelings, creativity, and entertainment. Each year, I expose my students to this literary work and they also express a fondness for it. I’m so thrilled to pass on this love to others.

So, let’s get creative this month as we read and write poetry. Listed below are some websites and ideas to help get you started. (History of Poetry Month)

New York Public Library (Free Poetry Events)

Poem in My Pocket

Teen Poetry Competition and Program (Students residing in the Atlanta Metro, GA area )

Happy Poetry Month!

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